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Dawnkeeper Pro: Last Defense

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The Last Witcher of Hyperion!Hail of Arrows, rumble of blasts and pools of blood. Meet the best addictive medieval shooting defense game: Dawnkeeper: Last Survivors!
Styria Empire was invaded by hordes of terrifying monsters.
Commanders was betrayed, Emperor lost his mind and once great empire under threat of downfall, Lords in their castles and towers was corrupted by evil forces.
The last line of defense, a handful of Guards of Hyperion, last survivors, the only one heroes who can stop this...
Now, it's time to return the empire to humanity! Restore the justice and punish the traitors!
Feed the monsters arrows! Make 'em burn with magic! Rescue Emperor's castle and tower.
Upgrade one hero or all heroes together - a large tree of skills and spells opens up various tactical opportunities for each of them. Play for one-armed dwarf, and throw axes and barrels of gunpowder into monsters while undermining the field! Or use destructive spells available to wizard - use meteor showers and lightning on hordes of skeletons and zombies. Or use all your skills and reaction in the game for the archer.
* Different awesome battlefields* Easy but challenging gameplay* 3 heroes with totally different spells and gameplay* Hordes of furious monsters* Unique Barrier mechanics* Many different locations: tower, cemetery, castle, cave and others!* Two game modes: Campaign and Survival* Survive more than 50 levels* Elixirs, potions, crossbows, staffs, axes, stake gun and more!* Many unique monsters like werewolves, skeletons, zombies, insects, evil wizards and others
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